Ankündigung Developer Wanted!!

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    • Developer Wanted!!

      Who are we?

      We are a growing minecraft network looking for good developers to help with plugins and server configuration!!

      What do we have?

      *End Farm

      What are we looking for?

      We are looking for a well experienced, mature developer to help with custom plugins and general server development. The initial task will be MINI GAMES!

      The ideal candidate will have experience in development of custom game modes although it is not necessary aslong as you have other qualities.

      The ideal candidate will also NEED to be online for large periods of time! This is a must!! If you cannot ensure you will be online most of the time DO NOT APPLY!!

      Other responsibilities may also become available!

      If accepted the candidate will be on a week long probation where they will have to demonstrate their key qualities and show that they want to help!
      How do I apply?

      Just simply go to the Google Forms below and fill out the application. If you are accepted you will receive an email with the discord!! GOOD LUCK!!

      Thank you!!

      See you soon :p! :) :) :) :)